The Invitation Letter for Cooperation



Respectfully addressed to partners and customers,


First of all, FujiE would like to thank our partners and clients for always trusting and supporting our FujiE products and services during the pass.


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Recently, with the purpose of enhancing the Distribution System, expanding market of FujiE products in order to bring FujiE products more closely to consumers, FujiE need to continuously extend more distributors and agencies across the nation.


With FujiE product lines, the quality is always paid strict attention, the price is reasonable and after-sales service is very good. Therefore, if we go on working together in partnership,  the FujiE products will be welcomed, trusted and used by  many more people.  



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If your company, organization or individuals want to participate in our Distribution system of FujiE, you can gain many benefits as:

1, Attractive and motivated price policy

2, Marketing supports

3, Contact information of agencies are posted on official media sites.

4, Sale support, transporting goods to each agent.


Newage Technology Development and Investment Joint Stock Company

(Newage Technology Japan JSC)

Address: TOKYO, Arca Central, 14F Arca Central, 1-2-1 Kinshi Sumida-ku Tokyo 130-0013 Japan