FujiE is a famous Technology in Japan which specializes in producing Home appliances as Water Dispenser, Dehumidifier, Dry Cabinet… Using FujiE products, your life becomes more comfortable and easier.


All of FujiE products are manufactured on Japan technology lines, certificated of CE – Conformité Européene, inspected by the top International Certification and Inspection Organization.


FujiE always keep extending the Distribution System. Beside, we always put the principle of “Quality-Value-Utility” on the top.


FujiE commitment is to build a reputable and reliable products of which the values bring to customer are the most concerned. We provide high-quality, energy-efficiency products which saving for our own customers.

We always strive to complete and develop the professionalism in Distribution aspect,

extend distribution net and After-service centers in all Vietnamese provinces.

If you want to join our Distribution system in order to become an Agent,

please contact us via the following address:

FUJIE brand is Produced under lisences of Newage Technology Japan in Tokyo, Japan