FujiE Ceramic Heater CH-2100

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12 months

Japan technology

FujiE Ceramic Heater CH-2100

Ceramic Ceramic Heating Fans for FujiE CH-2100 floorplaces are designed to be safe, save 50% of electricity compared to other fans and heaters. The FujiE CH-2100 ceramic heater uses a fast, safe heating technology that gives you and your family the warmth of cold winter.


FujiE Ceramic Heater CH-2100


The FujiE CH-2100 ceramic heater is electrically heated with a rapid heatsink, no dazzling light for a good night's sleep, softer and deeper. Along with that is the heating fan does not burn oxygen, does not cause shortness of breath, does not dry skin in closed rooms.

Ceramic Fireplace FujiE CH-2100 will be a good heating device for winter, the machine has a power of 1200-2000W to help heats up quickly without having to wait long for annoyance during use.




The top of the machine is designed with two knobs, the left knob used to adjust the fan (expressed by fan) and the power from 1000-2000w (expressed in numbers 1 and 2). The right knob is used to adjust the minimum and maximum of the rotor and power.



Outside The FujiE CH-2100 heater is enclosed in a shell made from high-tech plastic PBT polymer material and uses high-tech materials that are resistant to high temperatures during use. The machine does not affect the shell so the machine has very high fire resistance.

The front of the machine is diamond mesh super durable, stainless, non-oxidized. Dust screens cover the inside of the machine, while the mesh is designed sparsely enough to help heat heat more evenly.





Power:  1200w/2000w

Ceramic Heater, safe heating, saving 50% energy compared to fan and other heaters

High heating speed

High-class material

Using advanced polymer

Well fire-protection

Plastic grid- metastable, stainless

Auto. Rotating, large angles of rotation

Wind mode: cool/warm/hot

Multifunctional design, having control remote

LCD display, display temperature

Timer mode: 1-8 hours

Overheating protection, safety to user, automatically stop working if the machine is tilted or collapsed

Air drying, air filtering

Don’t burn Oxy, don’t cause breathlessness


Certificate: GS/CE/RoHS/ISO9001


  • Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
  • power: 2000W
  • Packing dimension: 22.5x25x79cm
  • Net/gross weight: 2.1/2.4kgs


Japanese technology – Genuine product

Status: Available

Warranty: 12 moths

Shipment: Fee


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