FujiE Oil Filled Radiator OFR379

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FujiE Oil Filled Radiator OFR379


To warm up, dry clothes

3 power levels: low, medium, high

Wide temperature- adjusting range

Automatic stop/start when reach desired temperature, saving energy

9 radiator bars, quick warming

Many modes, easy using

Don’t burn Oxy, keep humidity balance in room

Timer mode, 24h

Overheating protection

Having casters

Having warm fan

Fuel: Oil

Don’t need to replace oil during the operation

Spare part: heating horse

Certificate: GS/CE/RoHS


  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 2000W+400W(fan)
  • Timer mode: 24h
  • Environmental-friendly oil
  • Low noise


Color: White

Packing dimension: 475x175x685mm

Net weight: 11.9kgs

Gross weight: 14kgs

Japanese technology – Genuine product

Status: Available

Warranty: 12 months



FujiE Oil Filled Radiator OFR379

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