Grading of technology in the all-new generation of FujiE industrial desiccant generators produced in Thailand

FujiE is a hygienic brand but offers Vietnam much later than some other brands but has brought many quality choices to consumers.

To affirm its name and quality, FujiE has made unstoppable efforts to launch the first generation of industrial desiccant generators directly produced in Thailand with completely new differences. Compared to the old generation. This innovation of FujiE will be an important step towards winning the top spot in providing industrial desiccant dryers in Vietnam.

Scoring technology in dehumidifier models made in Thailand

FujiE has launched six industrial desiccant models manufactured in Thailand: HM-160, HM-160BH, HM-240, HM-240BH, HM-500, HM -500BH. Every model of industrial dehumidifier has all new innovations.


The vortex of the machine

Cyclone is the most important part of a dehumidifier it determines the machine's ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, with the generation of industrial desiccant machine made in Thailand this time FujiE is equipped with the world famous brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin produced directly in Thailand.

For 160 and 160BH models used by Mitsubishi Japan, SIAM Compressor and directly produced in Thailand. On every whirlwind of the product are printed letters made in Thailand to help consumers see clearly.


Mitsubishi Japan, manufactured by SIAM Compressor directly in Thailand

For FujiE's 240E, 240BH, 500, 500BHB models use Japanese Daikin, and are made in Thai Daikin factory, each made in Thailand.


Japanese Daikin, and produced at the Daikin Thailand factory, are also made in Thailand.

Water pump of dehumidifier

Another difference that other industrial desiccant models on the market do not have is the water pump (used to push the wastewater outward) used by ASPE Mini Orange as a floating brand. English for industrial dehumidifier models with BH code.


The water pump uses the famous ASPEN Mini Orange product - UK


Exhaust fan

A completely new point in the industrial desiccant models manufactured in Thailand is the exhaust fan parts used by FujiE engineers of Venz, and is produced directly in Thailand.


Venz suction fan made in Thailand

Outdoor unit and indoor unit

The outdoor unit and the indoor unit are made of 100% pure copper material with thick and large copper bars for better performance of 20-30% of the old generation.


Outdoor unit and indoor unit

With the launch of the new generation of industrial desicamers made in Thailand, once again, FujiE will be leading the market in providing dehumidifiers in Vietnam in the near future. All FujiE industrial dehumidifiers manufactured in Thailand will be delivered and installed in conjunction with a two-year warranty and maintenance policy throughout the country.

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