FujiE Dehumidifier HM-150N (New Version)

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24 months

Japan Technology

FujiE HM-150N Industrial Dehumidifier (New Version)

Brand new mechanical machine using Japanese HITACHI Compressor compressor

Product details:

Function: automatic defrost

Technology: rotary shaft compressor

Specification :

Dehumidifying capacity 150 liters / 24 hours (at 30oC, 80%)

- Flow: 1800 m³ / h

- Application temperature from 5 to 35 (10%-90%)

- Input power: 1800W.

- Power supply 220V ~ 50Hz, Current: 9.6A

- Use environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant

- Continuous discharge through the extension pipe.

- LED screen with intelligent control by microcomputer technology

- With filter mesh, remove dust and remove contaminant

- Automatically stop, defrost, use temperature sensor to control the freezing of the indoor unit when the unit is operating in a low temperature environment.

- The outdoor and indoor units use high-grade copper materials, completely new design to improve the machine's efficiency by 20-30% better than the old generation.

- Design of frame, bracket and thick steel shell, new technology electrostatic coating makes the machine operate extremely smoothly with stability <55dBA, stable and prolongs the life of the machine compared to other similar models. type on the market.

- Standard: CE/RoHS

- Product size: 480×391×1220mm

- Packing size: 560×465×1115mm

- Product weight: 50 kg, Total weight: 63kg

Japanese technology, genuine

- Warranty: 2 years in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide

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