FujiE Dehumidifier HM-168EB

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  • Product Code: HM-168EB
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FujiE Dehumidifier HM-168EB

Mechanical: Compressor

- Function:

Automatic control.

An LCD color monitor displays the humidity and temperature of the current environment.

Automatic defrosting system (automatic cold reduction) automatic and efficient, low temperature equipment.

Automatic error detection function.

Function sets 1-24 hours.

Individual humidity 1% RH can be adjusted, with a temperature range of 10% to 98% RH.

Operating temperature: 5-38oC.

Pipes maintain drainage function.

Wheel below helps to move easily.

Japanese famous brand compressor (MITSUBISHI, HITACHI, DAIKIN)

Desiccant capacity: 168 liters / day ~ 8 liters / hour

Adjustable range: 10 ~ 98% RH

Accurate adjustment level: ± 3% RH

Voltage: 380V 3N ~ 50Hz

Rated power: 2800W

Maximum power: 3150 W

Air circulation: 2000 m3 / h

Refrigerant R22 (Extra Replacement Option: R407)

Net Weight / Gross Weight: 81/95 Kg

Machine Size / Packaging Size: 615 * 405 * 1550/671 * 460 * 1475mm

Area of application: 230 ~ 280 m2


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