FujiE High-class Water Dispenser - WD5300C

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24 months

Japan technology

Built-in high quality RO water heater Fujie WPD5300C


1) Coarse 5 micron PP filter core: Effective removal of dirt, dirt, coarse mud> 5micron, e.g. suspended solids, sediments, rust and other solid impurities.

2) Active Carbon filter element (4-60micron): deodorizing; Excess chlorine, organic matter, removes color and odor in water.

3) 1 micron PP core: Efficiently removes dirt, suspended solids, sediments, rust and solid impurities of> 5micron size.

4) RO membrane removes heavy metals, bacteria bring pure water like distilled water, can drink water directly behind this filter core.

5) The carbon post core softens the water, deodorizes the water.

Block chiller for cold water to 5-10 degrees C in just a few minutes of operation. Stainless steel heating pot is safe, durable. With the main function is to heat and cool water for users to use to drink directly or make tea, coffee, instant noodles at any time ... the machine has a water tank made of stainless steel material against rust, anti-scale, ensure safe water quality for users' health. The bottle cover is made of plastic which is safe for health, firm, easy to clean and hygienic.


Luxurious design, delicate pattern

Voltage: 220-50Hz

Hot output: 5L/h ~ 90 - 95℃

Cooling power: 85W

Heating power: 500W

Having safe lock

Product Dimension: 300*390*1110mm

Net/ gross weight: 21.5kgs/kgs

Japanese technology – Genuine product

Warranty: 24 months

Status: Available

Shipment: Free ship in city

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