FujiE Smart RO water purifier RO-07 (7 stages filters)

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2 years

Japan technology

FujiE Smart RO water purifier RO-07 (7 stages filters, includes toughened cabinet)


  • FUJIE RO PURIFIER – The newest standard of purifying water
  • Automatic control system
  • Apart from providing pure water source, FUJIE RO water purifier has many outstanding features compared to other products in the market as follow:
  • Automatically stop working when the pressure in water supply system is low
  • Automatically stop working when the water tank is full
  • Automatically drain off wastewater
  • Removing toxic metals causing cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, Neuritis, degenerative spine, backache…etc
  • Splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, increasing the amount of oxygen in water that helping people avoiding dry body and slowing down aging process.
  • RO Filmtec membrane is made in USA.
  • The top advanced antibacterial technology – NANO SILVER
  • Removing impurities and bacteria in size ≥ 1 µm
  • Generate essential mineral for the body, prevent dirty mud, rusted soil in size ≥ 5 µm
  • The RO purification process besides removing bacteria & viruses, removes even harmful dissolved impurities including Arsenic, Fluoride, Pesticides, Lead, and other Heavy Metals.



RO-7 includes seven purification levels

1st level: polypropylene (PP) filter cleans water from mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns.

2nd level: OCB absorbs chlorine, pesticides and various organic compounds

3rd level: CTO cleans water from mechanical impurities larger than 1 micron

4th level: RO membrane, completely removing solids, heavy metal ions, microorganism, bacteria, viruses, organic substances that make water totally pure, but not change its physical and chemical properties. This is the most important purification level in the total system, the RO membrane is made in USA, meeting all international standards.  

5th level: T33 pH balance, deodorization, mineralization, taste addition to the water, sterilization, mold elimination.

6th level: Mineral stones core contain natural mineral stones which can increase significant pH for water.

7th level: Silver Nano, carbon core wrapped by PP fabric and covered with a silver nano layer that is able to absorb smell and mold.


Type of valve: Electromagnetic valve

Meter: Pressure display meter

Current: 220V~50Hz, through transformer left 24VDC

Water storage capacity: 10L

Filtering Capacity: 10L/h

Power consumption: 24W/h


Brand: FUJIE – Japanese brand - Genuine product

Warranty: 24 months

Status: Available

Shipment: Free in city



FujiE Smart RO water purifier RO-07 (7 stages filters)


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