FujiE Industrial Dehumidifier HM-240BH

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2 years

Japanese Technology

FujiE Industrial Dehumidifier HM-240BH


Motor: Daikin Compressor

The machine is assembled and manufactured in Thailand on Japanese advanced technology line

Automatically defrosting

Having heater for decreasing defrosting time from some hours to some minutes and increasing the machine performance in low temperature environment.

Dehumidifying capacity: 240L/24h (30oC, 90%)

Voltage: 380V-50Hz

Input power: 5900W, 9A

Airflow: 1,800m3/h

Suction/discharge pressure: 2.5/0.75Mpa

Applied temperature: 5oC-380C

Continuous drainage, having pump

LED display, controlled by computer technology

  • Having filter for removing dust and pollutants
  • Having temperature sensor for defrosting automatically
  • The outdoor and indoor are made by high-class and thick copper whose new design can increase the machine’s performance to more 20-30% than the old generation.
  • Frame, rack and steel cover are thick and powder coated by new technology which bring to smooth operation with the noise level of only 60dB. In addition, they also expand the lifespan of the machine.

Certificate: ISO,CE

Product dimension: 600x790x1800mm

Net weight: 165kgs

Japanese Technology

Made in Thailand

Status: Available

Warranty: 2 years

Shipment: Free in city


Compressor of FujiE Model HM-240BH Industrial Desiccant Machine 100% used by famous Japanese refrigeration companies and directly produced in Thailand in particular: use of Daikin whirlpool in Japan, Made in Thailand, the customers can check during the installation and operation of the machine to see clearly.








The FujiE HM-240BH Industrial Duct Heater uses a 100% pure copper material with thick and large copper bars for better performance of 20-30% of the old generation.




FujiE Industrial Dehumidifier HM-240BH


FujiE Industrial Dehumidifier HM-240BH

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