FujiE Industrial Dehumidifier HM-WKM-690M

  • Brand: FujiE
  • Product Code: HM-WKM-690M
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12 months

Japanese Technology

FujiE Industrial Dehumidifier HM-WKM-690M


Motor: Compressor

Material: stainless steel

Dehumidifying capacity: 2.4kg/h, 57.6L/h

Dry airflow: 600m3/h

Wet airflow: 150m3/h

Current: 220-240V / 50Hz

Applied temperature: -10 to 450oC

Power supply: 3 phase 380V / 50Hz

Max. power consumption: 10.2kW

Power generator output: 9kW

Rotor suction: PROFLUTE (Sweden)

Product dimension: 660x510x540 mm

Packing dimension: 710*560*610 mm

Product weight / packaging: (kgs): 55/62

Suitable for using in preservation warehouse, manufacturing room, laboratory room, basement, military area, store.

Automatic and safe operation

Sound sensor outside the machine


Japanese Technology – Genuine product

Status: Available


Warranty: 1 years

Shipment: Free in city

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