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There are many different types of heaters on the market, but the most common are halogen lamps and oil heaters. These two machines have different advantages and disadvantages. We would like to introduce to you readers of FujiE oil heater. It is a product named FuijE OFR4709 oil heater, which is warranted for 12 months at the company.


Máy sưởi dầu FujiE OFR4709


Outside the box there are images of the product and some information such as capacity, the number of oil bars along with details "Japanese technology" meaning the product is manufactured by Japan technology.


On the front side there is a foldable handle, hidden in the control panel, and the machine is designed 4 wheels can be rotated 380 degrees, which makes it easy for the user to drag the machine and the wheel automatically move. Without having to carry it back and forth in the house.





The machine is also offered by the manufacturer with accessory kit to dry, dry clothes in wet weather. We just plug a heater and hang clothes around the scaffold, another oil heater with a halogen heater is heated from the oil contained in the machine so it does not radiate heat to help comfort the clothes without comfort. Afraid of fire







The FujiE OFR4709 has a variety of utility settings, which can be adjusted to increase time and temperature, and easily adjust to any age, the FujiE OFR4709 oil heater is suitable for all ages. , From the elderly, newborn babies, and of course will not overlook middle-aged and pregnant women.




FujiE Oil Filled Radiator OFR4709


To warm up, dry clothes

3 power levels: low, medium, high

Wide temperature- adjusting range

Automatic stop/start when reach desired temperature, saving energy

9 radiator bars, quick warming

Many modes, easy using

Don’t burn Oxy, keep humidity balance in room

Timer mode, 24h

Overheating protection

Having casters

Having warm fan

Fuel: Oil

Don’t need to replace oil during the operation

Spare part: heating horse

Certificate: GS/CE/RoHS


  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 2000w, 50/60 hz
  • 3 modes, 13 radiator bars
  • Timer mode: 24h
  • Environmental-friendly oil
  • Low noise

Bar dimension: 145x590mm

Product dimension: 440x240x640mm

Packing dimension: 480x170x650mm

Net weight: 10.8kgs

Gross weight: 12.0kgs

Japanese technology – Genuine product

Status: Available

Warranty: 12 months

Shipment: Free in city

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